The mission of Awards Victoria is to advance the education, life experience and compassion of young Victorians, with a focus on supporting youth living with disabilities or who are otherwise disadvantaged.

To reduce inequality and assist young people to find their purpose and place in life we offer experiential learning programs which build life skills, confidence, self-esteem, resilience.

To support and enable inclusive participation in our programs we provide financial and other support to those in need, however most of the impact we achieve is through the direct work of our team.



Empowering young Victorians by delivering programs that develop leadership skills, resilience and self-esteem to the benefit of our communities.

Our programs create experiences that change lives as young people connect with their communities and are recognised for their achievements.

Each program empowers young people of any ability to develop their skills, improve their physical and mental health, increase their resilience, connect with new peers and mentors, and discover new pathways for their future.


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